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History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas Hastings Families of Amherst, Massachusetts.

By: ADAMS, Herbert Baxter

Price: £30.00

Publisher: Amherst, Mass: Privately Printed, 1880.:

Seller ID: 19293

Perrot Notes; or Some Account of the Various Branches of the Perrot Family.

By: BARNWELL, Edward Lowry

Price: £150.00

Publisher: J. Russell Smith, 1867.:

Seller ID: 27803

Genealogy of That Branch of the Russell Family Which Comprises the Descendants of John Russell of Woburn, Massachusetts, 1640 - 1878.

By: BARTLETT, John Russell

Price: £150.00

Publisher: Providence: Privately printed, 1879.:

Seller ID: 34480

An Analysis of Gothick Architecture: illustrated in a series of upwards of seven hundred examples of doorways, windows, etc., and accompanied with remarks on the several details of an ecclesiastical edifice.

By: BRANDON, Raphael and J. Arthur

Price: £65.00

Publisher: Batsford, 1874.:

Seller ID: 32706

Proceedings, Precedents, and Arguments, on Claims and Controversies Concerning Baronies by Writ, and other Honours. With the Arguments of Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Henry Montagu...

By: COLLINS, Arthur

Price: £200.00

Publisher: Thomas Wotton, 1734.:

Seller ID: 34523

Monumental Brasses in Somerset.


Price: £12.00

Publisher: Bath: Kingsmead Reprints, 1970.:

Seller ID: 26263

Records of the Corrie Family, A.D. 802 - 1899. [Part I] and Part II.


Price: £425.00

Publisher: Mitchell and Hughes, 1899:

Seller ID: 34405

The Monumental Brasses of Cornwall. Sixty-two illustrative plates with descriptive, genealogical and heraldic notes.

By: DUNKIN, Edwin Hadlow Wise

Price: £120.00

Publisher: London: printed for the Author by Spottiswoode & Co., 1882.:

Seller ID: 26383

The Trees of Great Britain and Ireland. Complete.

By: ELWES, Henry John and HENRY, Augustus

Price: £1,950.00

Publisher: Edinburgh: Privately Printed, 1906 - 1913.:

Seller ID: 39538

The Family of Frederick.

By: FELLOWES, Edmund H.

Price: £150.00

Publisher: Windsor: Luff & Sons, 1932.:

Seller ID: 34408

A Genealogical Memorial of the Family of Buckley of Derby and Saddleworth in the Counties of Derby and York.


Price: £35.00

Publisher: [Privately Printed], 1900.:

Seller ID: 18978

The House of Cornewall.

By: FOLJAMBE, Cecil George S., 1st Earl of Liverpool and READE, Compton

Price: £120.00

Publisher: Hereford: Jakeman and Carver, 1908.:

Seller ID: 27849

The Pedigrees of Beakbane of Lancaster; Bragg of Netherend; Clapham of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Harrison of Grassgarth; Waithman of Lindeth.

By: FOSTER, Sandys

Price: £150.00

Publisher: Printed for private circulation, Christmas, 1890.:

Seller ID: 32580

The Pedigrees of Crewdson of Crook, Whitwell of Kendal, Pease of Hutton and Low Cross.

By: FOSTER, Sandys B.

Price: £50.00

Publisher: Printed for Private Circulation, 1890.:

Seller ID: 27926

The Book of Sun-Dials.

By: GATTY, Mrs Aflfred

Price: £120.00

Publisher: Bell and Daldy, 1872.:

Seller ID: 25771

The Village Church in the Olden Time.

By: GILL, Harry

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Nottingham: Henry B. Saxton, 1903.:

Seller ID: 26548

The Poor rate Assessment and Collection Act, 1869, Together With The Sunday and Ragged Schools (Exemption From Rating) Act, 1869, and The Union Loans Act, 1869, with Introduction, Notes and Index.

By: GLEN, W. Cunningham

Price: £20.00

Publisher: Shaw and Sons, 1869.:

Seller ID: 28124

Pedigree of the Family of Grazebrook, Since Their Settlement at Shenston, Co. Stafford, in 1204. With Sufficient Proofs For Every Generation Selected From the Evidences.


Price: £25.00

Publisher: Mitchell and Hughes, 1899.:

Seller ID: 34419

A Genealogical Table of the Noble Family of Hampden, Viscount Hamden.


Price: £15.00

Publisher: No Publisher or Printer, c. 1790.:

Seller ID: 34527

The Baily Family of Thatcham and Later of Speen and Newbury, All in the County of Berkshire.


Price: £25.00

Publisher: Leicester: W. Thornley & Son, 1951.:

Seller ID: 34456