Mr.Pye (Books)

Special Offers

The following titles all relate to Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.
They are special purchases and in most cases we hold all remaining copies.
In some cases we can offer wholesale terms for bulk purchases.

B.S. Barnes
This Righteous War.
9 x 7 inches, 172 pp, illustrated throughout.
The story of the Hull Pals regiment of the East Yorkshire regiment.
Was £14.95, Now £6.95

J.D. Porteous
The Company Town of Goole,
an essay in urban genesis.
8 x 5 inches, 50 pp, illustrated.
A short academic study.

J.D. Porteous
Planned to Death;
the annihilation of a place called Howdendyke.
9 x 6 inches, 254 pp, illustrated.
The study of the destruction of a small rural village by industrial development.
Was £45.00, Now £12.95

T.S. Willan
The Early History of the Don Navigation.
8 x 5 inches, 165 pp, large folding map.
Published in 1968 we have the entire stock of
recently re-discovered copies.


[John Hamilton]
The Manuscript in the Red Box.
1974 reprint of 1903 edition with extra introduction.
7 x 4 inches, 209pp.
Isle of Axholme novel originally published anonymously.

Catherine Caufield
Thorne Moors,
with photographic essay by Fay Godwin.
7 x 6 inches, 88 pp, photos.
The history of Thorne Moors and the role of William Bunting in saving the area from destruction.
Hardback Was £12.99, Now £4.95
Paperback Was £5.99, Now £2.95


Humberside County Council Publications

Following the reorganisation of local government and the subsequent demise of Humberside we obtained all the remaining copies of the titles in their publishing programme; the following are the titles that we have to offer:

N. Loughlin and K.R. Miller
A Survey of Archaeological Sites in Humberside.
12 x 8 inches, 242 pp, maps in rear pocket.
Paperback. OUT OF PRINT
Essential reference for archaeologists.

J.B. Watkin and J.B. Whitwell
Changing Faces:
Man in Humberside from the Stone Age to AD 1500.
8 x 12 inches, 62 pp, illustrated
Paperback. £3.00

N.V. Jones [Edits]
A Dynamic Estuary:
Man, Nature and the Humber.
8 x 6 inches, 162 pp, illustrated.
Paperback. £4.95
Published by the Hull University Press.

Excavation Reports

The Medieval Town of Hedon;
Excavations 1975-1976.
by Colin Hayfield and Terry Slater.
12 x 8 inches, 89 pp, illustrated.
Paperback. £1.95

An Excavation at Kirkgate, Bridlington.
by J.R. Earnshaw and J.G. Watkins.
12 x 8 inches, 64 pp, illustrated.
Paperback. £2.95

Excavations at the Dominican Priory,
Beverley, 1960-1983.
by P. Armstrong and D. Tomlinson.
12 x 8 inches, 74 pp, illustrated.
Paperback. £3.95

Eleanor and Rex Russell
Landscape Changes in South Humberside:
The Enclosures of Thirty-Seven Parishes.
12 x 8 inches, 159 pp, maps and plans.
Paperback. £15.00
Covers all the relevant parishes in North Lincolnshire and North-West Lincolnshire.

Surgeon Cass
[Edited by A.G. Credland]

The Journal of Surgeon Cass
Aboard the Whaler 'Brunswick' of Hull, 1824.
8 x 6 inches, 77 pp, illustrated.
Paperback £2.95
Printed version of valuable source material relating to whaling, medicine, sailing, the Arctic.

Philip Brown
Old Beverley.
8 x 12 inches, 44 pp, illustrated.
Paperback. £1.95
Reprints 56 illustrations after engravings, paintings, drawings and old photographs.