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Lt. Col. P.R. Nightingale
The East Yorkshire Regt.
(Duke of York's Own)
in the War 1939/45.


Reprint of 1950's Edition
9 x 5 inches, maps, illus


paperback: isbn 0 946289 34 4 £18.oo
hardback: isbn 0 946289 35 2 £50.00 [Limited to 100 copies]


Unaccountably scarce in the original this is the only full record of the
East Yorkshire Regiment during WWII

Thomas Burton

The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Hemingbrough
in the County of York

Reprint of 1888 Edition.
8 x 6 inches, illustrations, pedigrees.

hardback: isbn 0 946289 33 6 £45.00 post free U.K.


K.J. Allison
The East Riding of Yorkshire Landscape.

Reprint of 1976 Edition
9 x 5 inches, map, photos

paperback: isbn 0 946289 36 0 £12.95 post free U.K.

This classic study of the landscape of this broad and varied county has been
out of print for some time. It is still recommended reading on many local history courses.

Edmund Wrigglesworth
Brown's Illustrated Guide to Hull.

originally published in 1871
7 x 5 inches, map, illus and adverts

isbn 0 946289 24 7 £20.00 out of print but a few copies remaining

The classic history and guide book giving a fascinating picture of the town's origins, history and geography with a fine series of period adverts.


History, Topography and Directory of East Yorkshire (with Hull) 1892.

originally published in 1892, facsimile reprint of 300 copies a few copies only remain.
9 x 6 inches, 1269 pages

isbn 0 946289 12 3 £50.00 only a few copies remaining

Bulmer's Directory is probably the earliest detailed account of many of the smallest villages and hamlets in the county. A valuable source of reference for historians and genealogists.

Basil N. Reckitt
Charles the First and Hull:

originally published in 1952
8 x 5 inches, 153 pages, illustrations, plan.

isbn 0 946289 18 2 £5.95

The story of Hull and the East Riding during the English Civil War including the Hotham family and the sieges of Hull.

The Early History of Hull Steam Shipping.

originally published in 1896.
8 x 5 inches, 123 pages, plus folding charts.

isbn 0 946289 05 0 Hardback £7.95
isbn 0 946289 06 9 Paperback £5.95

This is a major contribution to the story of steam shipping in Britain. The efforts of Fourness and Ashton experimenting with a craft between Hull and Beverley gives the Humber a significant place amongst the peioneers of steam.

Thomas Sheppard
The Lost Towns of the Yorkshire Coast

originally published in 1912, facsimile reprint of 500 copies a few copies only remain.
8 x 5 inches, 329 pages, maps, illus.

isbn 0 946289 16 6 OUT OF PRINT

A fine account, historical and scientific, which has a great deal of value for today's researchers into the erosion of this fragile and vulnerable coastline.

Michael Ulyatt
Flying Sail: Humber Keels and Sloops.

Large format paperpack, 70 pages, 100 illus from old photographs

isbn 0 946289 30 1 £7.99

An illustrated account with personal reminiscences of real life working on the Humber and its tributaries during the time of sail.

Godfrey Richard Park
The History of the Ancient Borough of
in the Seigniory of Holderness

originally published in 1895, facsimile reprint of 100 copies
10 x 7 inches, 315 pages, large folding map, 22 illus.

isbn 0 946289 28 X £75.00

Certainly by far the scarcest and probably the most readable of the two major victorian histories of this town. It is in fact the scarcest major east riding town or village history in the original.

T. Geraghty
A North East Coast Town:
Ordeal and Triumph.

originally published in 1951
9 x 6 inches, 112 pages, many photographs.

isbn 0 946289 45 X £7.95

The story of Kingston-upon-Hull in the 1939-1945 war during which it was referred to in news bulletins as 'A North East Coast Town' reporting the many bombing raids which it endured.

James Mountain
The History of Selby, Ancient and Modern,
with the History of Cawood.

Originally published in 1800, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 300 numbered copies
decorated cloth, 7 x 4 inches, 226 pages, folding map, folding illustration of the abbey.

isbn 0 946289 29 8 £27.95

James Mountain was a clockmaker and bookseller, a strange combination and is responsible for this, the first known history of the town. There is also included a directory of the principal inhabitants of the time.

David Neave
Howden Explored:
A Guide to the Town and Its Buildings.

6 x 8 inches, 24 pages, photographs and sketches.

isbn 0 946289 20 4 £2.95

A town trail with a map. This illustrated trail will shortly be available on the web. See introductory text about the town of Howden and links to other local sites.

Airship R.100: Howden, Yorkshire

8 x 5 inches, 24 pages, 8 photographs.

isbn 0 946289 01 8 OUT OF PRINT

A perfect facsimile of the promotional brochure for this pioneering airship designed and built at Howden under the guidance of Sir Denniston Burney with the author Nevil Shute on the staff as a calculator. [see his autobiography Slide Rule]

Streamline Cars Ltd.
Burney Streamline.

8 x 11 inches, 20 pages, illustrated.
originally published c. 1931. reprint Limited to 500 copies.

isbn 0 946289 03 4 £5.00

A facsimile of the sales brochure for this aerodynamic car designed at the Howden Airship Station. The Art Deco cover in silver and black reflects the advanced nature of the vehicle.

David Neave [Editor]

Rural Crime and Transportation:
The Life of Snowden Dunhill.

8 x 5 inches, 25 pages, illustration.

isbn 0 946289 17 4 Paperback £4.95

A reprint of the adbridged life of Snowden Dunhill originally published 1835-6 with an extensive introduction and notes by the editor.

Edward Miller
The History and Antiquities of Doncaster,
and its Vicinity.

Originally published in 1804, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 200 numbered copies
11 x 8 inches, 398 + 45 pages, folding map, 11 illustrations.

isbn 0 946289 08 5 OUT OF PRINT

A most substantial and the best-known history of the town. We have only a few copies remaining but would recommend that the serious local historian or collector also consider Tomlinson's Doncaster from the Roman Occupation.

John Tomlinson
Doncaster From the Roman Occupation
to the Present Day.

Originally published in 1887, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 200 numbered copies
decorated cloth 12 x 10 inches, 365 pages, 12 illustrations.

isbn 0 946289 09 3 £50.00

Less well-known than Miller's History it is, however a more readable account, less involved in the church history and covers a substantial part of the nineteenth century.

Rev. John Edward Jackson
History of the Ruined Church of
St.Mary Magdalen [Doncaster].

Originally published in 1853, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 100 numbered copies
decorated cloth 14 x 10 inches, 56 pages, 5 illustrations, plan.

isbn 0 946289 25 5 £27.50

The story of this church which was rediscovered within the old Town Hall during redevelopment.

W. Peck
A Topographical History of
Bawtry and Thorne
with the Villages Adjacent.

Originally published in 1813 with supplements in 1814, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 200 numbered copies
decorated cloth 11 x 8 inches, 172 pages, 10 illustrations, large folding maps.

isbn 0 946289 22 0 £40.00

The original edition of the useful and extremely scarce work was originally published in an edition of only 100 copies. We have included the rare supplements of corrections and additions which are frequently lacking.

History and Antiquities of Thorne
with Some Account of the Drainage of Hatfield Chase.

Originally published in 1829, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 200 numbered copies
cloth 6 x 4 inches, 168 pages.

isbn 0 946289 27 1 £27.95

A reprint of the most popular and well-known of the Thorne histories.

[Thorne Polling District]

Register of Persons Entitled to Vote...
Within the Thorne Polling District.

originally published in 1861. Facsimile reprint Limited to 300 copies.

11 x 8 inches 14 pages
isbn 0 946289 23 9 Paperback £5.00

The poll book for the 1861-1862 elections.

John Tomlinson
The Level of Hatfield Chace
and Parts Adjacent.

Originally published in 1882, facsimile reprint in a Limited Edition of only 200 numbered copies
decorated cloth 12 x 10 inches, 322 pages, 12 illustrations, two large folding maps.

ISBN 0 946289 14 X OUT OF PRINT

Covering Thorne, Fishlake, Hatfield, Sykehouse, Barnby-Dun, Stainforth; their history with particular reference to the drainage of the area.

J. Korthals-Altes

The Life of Cornelius Vermuyden.

originally published in 1925, Facsimile Reprint of 100 copies only.
10 x 6 inches, 444 pages, 17 photoos, 9 large folding plans.

isbn 0 946289 26 3 £75.00

A reprint of this classic biography of the seventeenth century drainage engineer responsible for much of the work in the Isle of Axholme and the Cambridgeshire Fens.

William Sheardown

The Corporation of Doncaster,
of the First Regime.

originally published in 1862. Limited to 300 copies bound in Victorian style patterned card.
7 x 5 inches, 43 pages.

isbn 0 946289 32 8 £4.95

A short but detailed account of the municipal administration of Doncaster from Domesday to the Municipal reform Act of 1835.

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